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Sept. 11, 2022

The Fire Brick Company Factory Tour with Ben Guilford – Part 1

The Fire Brick Company Factory Tour with Ben Guilford – Part 1
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Join me as I go exploring the multiple factories at The Firebrick Company in Australia. They manufacture some of the best Wood Fired Ovens on the planet. I even have their D105 brick oven in my backyard!

Ben Guilford was kind enough to give me the full in-depth tour. We had a lot of fun - as you will soon discover. Take a listen to one of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry.

This is part 1 of a 2 part mini series. This episode is also a masterclass in using your Wood Fired Oven and how Ben and his team manufacture some of the best Wood Fired Ovens around.  A true behind the scenes experience of an amazing manufacturing company.

Thanks to his wonderful wife and dedicated staff who pop in on the show to say hi! Stay tuned for part two of this factory tour coming up soon.

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The Fire Brick Company
The Fire Brick Company specialises in producing world class Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits.

I am very grateful to the Fire Brick Company for sponsoring the show. If you are thinking of building your own Wood Fired Oven, head on over to The Fire Brick Company website - www.thefirebrickco.com/WFOpodcast where they have a little something for you. 

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Ben GuilfordProfile Photo

Ben Guilford

Owner of The Melbourne Fire Brick Company

Ben is the founder and owner of the world renowned 'The Fire Brick Company' in Australia. He is a trained engineer and along with his team, manufactures both precast and refractory brick ovens. His company exports all around the world.

Ben is incredibly knowledgeable about heat transfer, construction techniques and cooking food in wood fired ovens.