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Guest info

Chatting with Wood Fired Oven home cook expert - Chris Vozzo (left) for Season 2.

I really love to chat with a diverse range of guests on the show – from amazing home cooks, cooking schools, wood fired oven manufacturers, professional chefs, and even incredibly talented YouTube creators.

Most guests are invited to appear on the show. If you think you would like to come on the Wood Fired Oven podcast and have a great story to tell –  please email me at woodfiredovenpodcast@icloud.com and tell me why. I will then consider if I think you are a good fit for my podcast and if the recording schedule has space.

Businesses are typically invited onto the podcast for an interview, but if you would like to be considered - please email me and we can discuss this.

My guest recording schedule for 2022-23 is almost fully booked.

If you have been invited onto the show, read on!

Invited Guests

There are THREE pages on my website you will need to read;

  1. Guest info - the page you are on now.
  2. Register as a guest - complete this once you have finished reading this page.
  3. Wood Fired Oven - Guest Intake Form (detailed) Questionnaire. You will see a green Questionnaire button to click after you have Registered as a Guest.

Have a think through this short checklist before agreeing to come on the show.

  • Am I comfortable with the sound of my own voice?
  • Am I a good communicator?
  • Am I a good story teller, funny, introspective, thought provoking etc?
  • Do I have a unique point of view with cooking with fire?
  • Am I happy to sign a Podcast Guest Release (PGR)? All guests need to read and sign my standard PGR.

Register as a Guest page.

Please fill out preliminary information on this page. Please include a brief bio describing yourself. This will appear on your guest page once the episode has published.

The page will also ask you to agree to my Podcast Guest Release (PGR)

Wood Fired Oven - Guest Intake Form (detailed) Questionnaire.

My interviews are biographical in nature and will likely cover the sections covered in this questionnaire. Please take your time on this page, as this information forms the narrative and helps me to define the questions I will ask and the topics we will discuss.

Feel free to add any other information you think may be relevant and interesting to chat about.

You can also send some high quality pictures via email as well.

The more information you provide in the Questionnaire - the easier it is for us to develop the interview narrative. Caitlin, my media researcher helps me to develop the narrative and she may contact you via email once you have submitted your Questionnaire if we need any clarification.

Many of the interviews I’ve recorded are long distance interviews. Interviews are currently being conducted with guests in Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa and the USA to name a few – so location is no object!

Interesting fact: It takes about 15 hours of my time to prepare, record, edit and publish a 1-2 hour interview on the podcast! Just as well I love what I do!

What equipment do you need to prepare for the interview?

Option 1: Remote - Long Distance interviews.

  1. A computer with Chrome or Safari installed.
  2. A microphone - preferably an external USB microphone. An internal computer microphone is ok if you do not have a USB microphone. The audio is recorded.
  3. A web camera is preferred - this is NOT recorded.
  4. A stable internet connection.

How do we Record?

I use Squadcast to record remote interview audio from both of our computers. I will provide a web link that you can use to access the interview at the scheduled time. Squadcast is entirely internet based - you do not need any special software. It's a little like, Zoom or FaceTime, except it's designed for podcasting. Easy.

If you want more info on being a guest with squadcast - you can check out some more information here. But really - it is very simple to use. Squadcast is complete free and very easy to use. The audio quality is excellent - far better than using our mobile phones, so the podcast listeners will not have audio 'fatigue' from listening to our interview.

Web camera

If possible - please turn on your web camera for the interview when using Squadcast. The video feed is NOT recorded, but it really helps to see each other when we have our interview and record the audio.

Option 2: In person interviews

From Season 2 onwards (launching mid 2022), I am also conducting in-person interviews in various countries and can be considered if it suits my domestic and international travel schedule.

You do not need anything for an in person interview. I will bring my portable podcast recording equipment including studio broadcast quality microphones.

Interview Date

I will share some possible interview dates and times with you soon - once we have reviewed your bio and other information that you submit.

If you have any questions - please feel free to email us at woodfiredovenpodcast@icloud.com

If you are ready to get started - please fill in the information at Register as a guest.