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Oct. 7, 2022

Fireside Chat with Vanessa Niño

Fireside Chat with Vanessa Niño
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Join me as I sit down and have a chat with Vanessa Niño - a Colombian wood fired oven home cook. You will get inspired by some amazing Colombian and Brazilian  foods as we talk about her  journey from Bogotá to Maryland in the USA.

Vanessa is passionate about her family and heritage and loves to cook in her gorgeous wood fired oven and her Brazilian wood fired grill. Her enthusiasm with cooking with fire is contagious - so if you love to cook outdoors with fire, take a listen to this episode.

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Vanessa NinoProfile Photo

Vanessa Nino

DIY WFO home cook and Mom

Vanessa grew-up in Colombia, South America, and is all about family. She has a passion for her Colombian heritage and for recreating the recipes and flavors her great-grandmother prepared for the Wood Fired Oven bakery in town. She is consistently looking for ways to bring the flavors from her beloved Colombia into her Wood Fired Oven.

Her and her family have built their backyard woodfired kitchen and are always looking for a new project to expand their gathering area.