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Dec. 19, 2021

That’s a wrap! It’s the end of Season 1. What’s next for the Wood Fired Oven Podcast?

That’s a wrap! It’s the end of Season 1. What’s next for the Wood Fired Oven Podcast?

It’s a wrap! Thanks for supporting the Wood Fired Oven Podcast during 2021. Join me as I wrap up an incredible first season of the show.

I wish you all the very best for this very special season. Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy some wonderful time with your family.

Catch all you lovely folk for Season 2 early 2022.

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Speaker 1:

Hi, this is Adrian.

Speaker 2:

This is Lisa. This is Ben. This is Clive.

Speaker 3:

This is Chris and you are listening to the wood fired oven podcast with mark cost .

Speaker 1:

Gday Anne . Welcome to the woodfired oven podcast, where I take a deep dive into the techniques, recipes, and history of wood fire , light oven cooking. My name is mark and obsessed and somewhat curious fan of outdoor cooking, especially with my wood fired oven. Follow my podcast in your favorite app and listening as I go searching for the best recipes, tips, and advice to both supercharge our cooking skills and motivate you to light up your favorite outdoor. Get this weekend. Welcome to this episode and welcome to the very last episode of the woodfired a podcast season one, my goodness. We have been through 14 episodes over the last wow, some months now it's been a real blast from live cooks to medieval Manness with a flam Bardo to chicken te and Messala lamb Taine , right the way through, towards the end of the season, where we had Adrian from ages five kitchen, come in for next extended masterclass interview on making fantastic Neopolitan style pizza, and last week really rounding out the season with Clive the wood fight oven share from YouTube coming onto the show. It was such a blast chatting with Clive. And can I just say that the feedback that has come since that episode dropped last week has been , uh , outstanding. Uh , the number of podcast downloads , uh , has been staggering and with your help , uh , this podcast has been doing extremely well in podcast statistics , uh , for downloads. So think you so very much , uh , your support during this first season has been , uh , overwhelming. Uh , your encouragement to me personally has been great. And I just want to extend my thanks to you. Uh , as we ease towards Christmas day and a gentle closing of , uh , a pretty incredible year around the world, 2021, I'm gonna be taking a short break , uh, over the summer. Uh , work's getting busy and my line of work and we are starting to plan out season two. Now a couple of weeks ago , uh , had , did a poll up on Instagram asking you where you would like to see the podcast go for season two. And we had some great feedback and the poll was pretty clear. The folks out there you lovely listeners really do enjoy the live cooks and you are really enjoying , uh , more of the interview style of podcasts, the long form interview style. Uh , so we've got planned a fantastic 2022. The interview schedule is currently booked up to about June , uh , 2022. Uh , so , uh, thank you so much to all of those wonderful guests that have agreed to come on the show , uh , in the first half of next year, if you would like to come on the Woodside oven podcast here to over to my website, wood fight , oven , dog , cooking. It dropped me outta line . And let me know why you'd like to come on this show. Uh , the mix of guests that we've got coming up in the new year are really fantastic. One of the first guests that are coming on the show in the new year is Ben. Uh , Ben is the , uh , owner founder of the fabric company he produced is , uh , the oven and I've got the D 1 0 5. He also produces some other fabulous ovens. We're gonna be talking to Ben , uh , early in the new year. And I want to extend to you just like we did with Clive the opportunity to get some audio questions in , uh , that you would like to ask. Ben, perhaps you are thinking about building wood fired oven. Maybe you've already got one of his ovens and you need some help if you want to reach out and send it an audio question, head over to the wood fired oven.cooking website, and you can leave an audio message that I may feature on this show. It's a great opportunity to reach out and talk to one of the world class manufacturers of woodfired ovens. Did you hear that <laugh> note to south when you record a podcast, make sure you put your phone on silence. So the kids , uh , sending your text messages, won't get hardcoded into your podcast. That's one of the great things about the podcast , uh , overseas one, I've learned an awful lot , uh , about recording, about publishing, about drafting, interview questions, preparing for interviews , uh , which can I say is quite time consuming , uh , and splicing these , uh , two, our interviews together. It's been a lot of fun, but , uh , it certainly has , uh , been an incredible learning curve anyway, back to Ben audio questions in for Ben. So if you're up for that, seeing us in a question and I'm, I just put that to Ben live on the show. Christmas day is usually an amazing day for taking a quick peak while you're sitting down resting after a big feed, taking a quick peak on Instagram and looking at the wonderful meals that are produced , uh , for families around the world , uh , on this , uh , very special day for so many of us , uh , really looking forward to seeing what you do in your wood fire oven this Christmas day. Uh , a little bit likely, I doubt I'll be lighting up my wood fight oven this year on Christmas day. Uh , in a few days time, it's , uh , very hot , uh , down in Brisbane in , uh , late December , uh , a couple of years ago. Uh , I , I thoroughly enjoy cooking for about 12, 13 family members in the Woodfire oven this year. Uh , for obvious reasons , uh , family can't travel , uh , as easily as in the past. So we are having a smaller Christmas with the family. Uh , but uh , this year I'm gonna enjoy my electric oven <laugh> SAC on Christmas day. Uh , but thoroughly looking forward to seeing what you guys and girls are doing out there , uh , on Christmas day, if you do something in your wood , find oven on Christmas day, drop me a line, let me know what you're doing. I wanna love , uh , to post up your Fe of feasts , uh , up on fight oven dot , cooking on my website. Uh , love to showcase some of the wonderful foods , uh , and experiences you guys are having , uh , during this , uh , Christmas time . So as we round out the end of season, one wanted to take this opportunity one last time to say, thank you so very much for supporting the wood fight oven podcast for supporting me. I really appreciate your feedback , uh , and no matter how you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the very best , uh , for 2022, looking forward to getting back with you early in the new year after my break , uh , for season two, make sure you stay safe, have fun and enjoy some wonderful time with your family. Catch a soon on season two of the woodfired oven podcast. If you've enjoyed this episode, please make sure you follow the woodfired oven podcast in apple podcast, Spotify, or your favorite podcasting app. Please consider posting a review on apple podcasts as really helps the show. Don't forget to check out woodfired oven dot , cooking for more tips, tricks, and advice on cooking with fire. You can also see full episode notes and links. You can also post a question, which I may feature on the show. I'm more on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So head over to your favorite social platform and get in touch. Thanks again for listening, catching next time .

Ben GuilfordProfile Photo

Ben Guilford

Owner of The Melbourne Fire Brick Company

Ben is the founder and owner of the world renowned 'The Fire Brick Company' in Australia. He is a trained engineer and along with his team, manufactures both precast and refractory brick ovens. His company exports all around the world.

Ben is incredibly knowledgeable about heat transfer, construction techniques and cooking food in wood fired ovens.