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Sept. 25, 2022

Live Cook - Wood Fired Oven Slow cooked Beef Rendang in the Pouring Rain!

Live Cook - Wood Fired Oven Slow cooked Beef Rendang in the Pouring Rain!

This week, I am cooking a gorgeous slow cooked Beef Rendang in the pouring rain! Brisbane, Australia has seen some astonishing wet weather during this so called 'dry season'. This weekend, I try to get out and cook in the wood fired oven in between the showers and thunder!

An authentic Rendang from Indonesia will usually take between 6-8 hours. That's pretty low and slow. The final result is a very dark, rich and delight comfort food - steeped in tradition. Perfect for this rainy, cold and miserable weekend.

Join me in my backyard for this delightful feast.

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