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Aug. 28, 2022

Fire side chat with Chris Vozzo

Fire side chat with Chris Vozzo
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Join me as I have a fire side chat with one of Instagrams most prolific Wood Fired Oven home cooks. I recently had the privilege to go and meet Chis Vozzo and his lovely family in southern Queensland, Australia. Following a devastating accident in 2013, Chris talks about his recovery and why cooking so often in his Wood Fired Oven helps him heal and move forward with his life.  We chat about his family heritage, his wood fired oven location and planning considerations as well as examining some of his most popular cooks we see on Instagram. Take a listen to an incredible story and get motivated to get cooking outdoors this weekend.

Chris Vozzo on Instagram: @il_forno_rosso

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New Pizza, by Stefano Manfred
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Chris VozzoProfile Photo

Chris Vozzo

Home cook wood fired oven expert

Chris is a home cook wood fired oven expert. He actually cooks in his wood oven more than anyone else on the planet! His creativity and experimentation is inspiring. Chris lives in Queensland, Australia and regularly posts his achievements with his oven to instagram - il_forno_rosso.