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Nov. 10, 2021

Clive - The Wood Fired Oven Chef (from YouTube) is coming to the show soon! Send us your questions for Clive now.

Clive -  The Wood Fired Oven Chef (from YouTube) is coming to the show soon! Send us your questions for Clive now.

I’m very excited to announce that Clive, The Wood Fired Oven Chef from YouTube, is coming on the show in a few weeks!

I’ll be taking a deep dive into Clive’s wood fired oven journey, and explore his incredible cooking skills, techniques and recipes. Clive has lots of great tips and advice to help us supercharge our own wood fired oven cooking skills. I will also lift the curtain and discuss with Clive how he prepares and shoots his amazing YouTube Videos. This will be one (or two) episodes NOT to miss.

Clive and I would also like to hear from YOU - The Wood Fired Oven Chef YouTube viewers and the Wood Fired Oven Podcast listeners. Send your questions into the show for a chance to have them featured on the episode with Clive. I use an audio service called SpeakPipe - which allows you to send me a 30 second audio clip of your question, which I can include in the actual episode.

Head over to WoodFiredOven.Cooking and record your question for Clive now. You can also follow me on instagram, @marks_woodfiredoven, click the link in the bio, and send me a recorded question there too!

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Mark (00:02):
I am very excited, feel very privileged to let you know the listeners of the Wood Fired Oven podcast, that my next guest coming onto the show is Clive The Wood Fired Oven Chef from YouTube.

Mark (00:16):
Clive is an absolute gentlemen, and I feel very privileged to have Clive on the show. Clive and I have been chatting about this interview for some time, and we're finally pulling this thing together and it is going to be really, really exciting. You may have already seen online that Clive is coming on the show.

Mark (00:32):
If you're into your wood fired ovens, I imagine you've probably already seen Clive on YouTube. Check out his YouTube channel, jump on YouTube and head over to The Wood Fired Oven Chef and make sure you click subscribe. Clive has thousands upon thousands of subscribers now, and he's been putting these together for about two or three years and they are without doubt the finest Wood Fired Oven productions you will ever see on YouTube.

Mark (00:59):
His attention to detail is amazing. His cooking skills are absolutely amazing. And I imagine so many of you out there, including myself, have learned an awful lot from watching Clive's fabulous, romantic, gorgeous videos on YouTube. So it really is a real privilege to have Clive come on this show.

Mark (01:18):
We want to encourage you the podcast listeners to send in questions to the podcast, send them into me, I'll collate those questions and I'll put them to Clive live on the show. Now, if you've been listening to the podcast for a while, you know that I use SpeakPipe, which is a way to send an audio clip to us that I can actually feature in an episode. If you head over to WoodFiredOven.Cooking, or if you head over to Instagram, which is @marks_woodfiredoven, click the link in the bio, that'll take you to a page where you can record a 30 second audio snippet that I could feature on the show.

Mark (01:56):
It's a great way for you to be involved. And with Clive coming on the show, it's going to be a fantastic way for you to get your questions directly to Clive. What do you want to know about Clive? What do you want to know about his oven? About his garden, his pool? Have you seen his pool? Oh my gosh.

Mark (02:11):
Just such a beautiful environment that Clive gets to cook in. There's so many questions, so many questions that I've got for Clive that I'm going to be asking him in a week or two. I want to hear from you. Get those questions into me. Go to WoodFiredOven.Cooking, click the record button and send me your questions. And I'll collate those and put those to Clive and you'll feature in the episode too. So, so please I'd encourage you to do that. It's going to be a super, super exciting episode. It might even extend it two episodes. We're working on that now.

Mark (02:41):
Okay. That's all for today. Just wanted to let you know what's coming up. How excited I am for this interview.

Mark (02:46):
Stay safe, have fun and go cook with fire ...oh...and.... send us your questions! (laugh)

Mark (02:54):
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Thanks again for listening. Catch you next time.