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My favourite Wood Fired Oven recipes.
Wood Fired Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham with Fresh Basil

You have probably seen that the five part Wood Fired Oven Masterclass series with David Jones from the Manna from Devon cooking school in the United Kingdom has begun on my  Wood Fired Oven podcast .  David, and his wife Holly love t…

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Live Cook - Slow cooked Beef Rendang

Serves 8-10   Wood Fired OvenVery low - heat up to about 100 Deg C. Perfect for low retained heat.(Make a large batch as the flavours definitely improve with time)   Ingredients 1 kg Beef - cut into large chunks (about 1 inch) 2 la…

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Turkish and Armenian Lahmacun

(Note: Turkish spelling is Lahmacun, Armenian spelling is Lahmajun). In the USA, its often called Armenian pizza. As featured on my podcast.   Makes about 16. You will probably want x2 each! Wood Fired Oven Hot - heat up to about 400…

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Chicken Tikka Masala​

As featured on my Podcast.   A few years ago, when I still had my handmade charcoal Tandoori oven, we made this wonderfully rich Chicken Tikka Masala, always served with naan bread. It works brilliantly in the wood fired oven as well (p…

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Gluten Free Pizza Dough

A huge thanks to Adrian, from Ages Fire Kitchen who generously supplied this recipe for gluten free pizza dough. Adrian is a home cook pizza making guru!     Working with Gluten Free Flour is quite a different dough experience, as…

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Neapolitan Pizza Dough

A huge thanks to Adrian, from Ages Fire Kitchen who generously supplied this recipe for pizza dough. Check out my interview with Adrian on the Podcast. On the Podcast – Adrian goes into a lot of fine detail on the preparation of his Pizza doug…

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Ragù alla Bolognese

Serves 8-10​Wood Fired OvenMedium - heat up to about 180 - 250 Deg C ​Ingredients Pasta (taglitelle) - Make fresh. 2 medium carrots, diced 300 g pancetta (non-smoked) 2 stalk of celery (including leaves), diced 100 g unsalted butter 500 g g…

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Slow Cooked Guinness Infused Lamb Shanks

So... I like Guinness a lot - its like the Shiraz of the beer world to me. Devine. Slow cooked Lamb Shanks were made to cook in the wood fired oven! Infused with Guinness, this recipe will deliver an incredibly rich, dark, delicate and delicious fea…

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